HCF’s New Tool to Inform the Public

I wanted you all to know about a new website sponsored by the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City that really breaks down the Affordable Care Act into simple and concise answers to questions that people may have.  It is called   The website is user friendly and created for the general public, not policy wonks.  It answers questions like:

How will this affect children?

What about small businesses?

Why is reform important?

It is part of the foundations program to spread the word regarding reform and is a great tool.

The Uninsured: A KC Survival Guide

The Uninsured:A KC Survival Guide airs Monday 8pm KCPT

THE UNINSURED: A Kansas City Survival Guide

Airs on KCPT – Monday, April 26, 8pm

Even though Congress passed a contentious healthcare reform bill this Spring, health watchers caution that it will take years to implement many of its key provisions, and even then, not all uninsured Americans will be guaranteed coverage.

In The Uninsured: A Kansas City Survival Guide, KCPT sets aside the divisive politics to navigate the places metro residents can turn when they find themselves without health insurance.

From emergency room care to free health clinics, KCPT takes a realistic look at what’s available and what you might expect when you get there. Host Nick Haines talks with Kansas City residents who are already struggling to access the medical system without an insurance card. He also consults with area experts on less obvious ways to get free or reduced health services in the metro.

As frustrating as the search can be, there are places to turn for people who have lost their insurance because of layoffs or cutbacks or who are not offered affordable coverage by their employers.

In the one-hour broadcast KCPT tracks options for residents:

  • without health insurance
  • older children aging out of their parents insurance plans
  • employees who work for small -businesses that don’t  offer a health insurance benefit
  • insured patients who have pre-existing conditions not covered by their health plans

During the broadcast, viewers will have the opportunity to receive a free companion resource guide providing tips, options and a comprehensive listing of organizations providing preventive, dental and eye care at no or low cost.

KCPT’s program, THE UNINSURED: A Kansas City Survival Guide is made possible by a grant from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City. Additional resources have been provided by the member organizations of the Greater Kansas City Cover the Uninsured Coalition.